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About a year ago, I started working really hard to get my family more active. We started spending a lot of time going through and enjoying community activities, and it was really fun to see how much better our lives were. I could tell that all of us were losing weight, having more fun, and really living it up. I felt great, and I could tell that I was becoming a better parent because of things like community sports and recreation programs. This blog is all about getting out there, having a great time, and really enjoying your life with the help of physical activity.

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Why A Hot Tub Is A Smart Purchase In The Age Of COVID

There are many times that it can be a good decision to buy a hot tub for your yard. While you might initially be hesitant to make this purchase during the age of COVID-19 — particularly if you're still keeping your distance from friends and thus can't envision a group soak in your hot tub in the immediate future — it's important to understand that buying a hot tub during this unprecedented time can still make a lot of sense. Here are some reasons that a new hot tub can be a smart purchase during the COVID-19 age.

You May Need Stress Relief

If you've noticed an increase in your overall stress level since the start of the pandemic, you're certainly not alone. On average, anxiety among adults has climbed considerably over the course of the pandemic. You might feel anxious about a loved one being ill, uncertainty with your job status, or negative headlines in the news each day. Whatever the case, it's important to look for ways to reduce your stress in a healthy manner. Soaking in a hot tub, either alone or with one or more members of your household, can help to provide a feeling of calm — something that you may need at this time.

You're Likely Spending More Time At Home

There are lots of people who don't spend much time at home, but that has changed since the start of the pandemic. If you used to frequently go shopping, travel, dine out, and visit with friends, you may have dramatically scaled back on these activities. If you're at home more often, it can be fun to look for new activities to enjoy in your own space. Adding a hot tub gives you a new home-based activity that you can enjoy on weekends or even during the workweek, if desired.

You Might Be Dealing With Muscle Aches

It's possible that your body may be dealing with more muscle aches than usual because of the pandemic. For example, if you routinely used to book massages for back pain relief but have temporarily stopped visiting your massage therapist during the pandemic, you may be suffering from pain to a higher degree than usual. A hot tub can be an ally for back pain, thanks to not only the heat of the water but also the pressure of the jets behind your back while you sit. Contact a hot tub company to learn more about buying this product.