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About a year ago, I started working really hard to get my family more active. We started spending a lot of time going through and enjoying community activities, and it was really fun to see how much better our lives were. I could tell that all of us were losing weight, having more fun, and really living it up. I felt great, and I could tell that I was becoming a better parent because of things like community sports and recreation programs. This blog is all about getting out there, having a great time, and really enjoying your life with the help of physical activity.

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Check If Your Local Golf Camp Offers These Additional Perks

When you enroll your children in golf camp, you want to select a camp that offers as much value as possible. Of course, giving your children a proper education about how to play golf and adhere to its many etiquette rules is value enough, but certain golf camps offer additional perks that can make anyone paying the fee happy. If you're fortunate enough to live in an area in which you have a choice of different golf camps to consider, it's worthwhile to call each of them to learn not only what they teach, but also what extras are included in the fee. These are some examples of things that you might encounter.

Discounted Golf Vouchers

If the golf camp is taught through a local golf course rather than just at a course, an additional perk for campers might be vouchers to play rounds of golf at the course for the rest of the summer at a discounted rate. Sometimes, you may even find golf camps that give their students vouchers for free rounds of play. For example, those who complete the camp may get six free rounds of golf, and then pay only 50 percent of the regular fee for any rounds beyond that number.

Reduced Pro Shop Rates

Another valuable perk that you might encounter when you're evaluating different golf camps for your children is reduced rates at the golf course's pro shop for those who complete the camp. Golf camp is a valuable way to assess whether your children are serious about this sport — and if they show themselves to be, you may need to look at getting them new golf clubs. If your golf camp offers discounts for products bought at the course's pro shop, you may be able to buy your children new sets of clubs for less than you'd spend at a big-box sports retailer.

Favorable Rate On Future Lessons

Even after golf camp wraps up, you may wish to keep your children's golf skills sharp through lessons. Although playing rounds of golf is an ideal way to improve, lessons will help to keep your children from developing poor habits. Check to see if the golf camp's instructors will offer discounted rates on their lessons for those who complete the camp. For example, camp graduates may be able to work with one of the instructors for group or private lessons after camp concludes for less money than they normally charge.